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Strangeworks Documentation


This documentation describes features which are in development and not yet publicly available.

Welcome to the Strangeworks Documentation! This project is meant to get you started quickly using your Strangeworks account to do some quantum computation. Check back often as this stuff is fresh out of the oven and we are likely to do lots of tweaking to the recipe in the near future. Everything in quantum is moving fast and changing rapidly, and so is the software we are building.

Strangeworks provides researchers and engineers with a straightforward path to accessing quantum hardware without the overhead that comes with building up a quantum software stack from scratch.

Start by creating an account at From this account you will be able to browse your quantum jobs, view available QPUs, activate hardware, and retrieve your api key.

Strangeworks Python SDK

The best way to access your Strangeworks resources is using our python SDK. The following articles will walk through installing the sdk, authenticating the client, and running an example quantum program.

Framework Extensions

Besides this documentation website, we have other sources of more specialized information targeted towards senior NEAR developers, protocol developers and validators.

Keep Going

Next steps are digging in more on the SDK, checking out our sample Jupyter notebooks, joining our Backstage Pass program for access to more hardware, or just get hacking.