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Backstage Pass FAQ

Below are some freqently-asked-question about Backstage Pass, our early access program for new software and hardware releases and partnerships.

What is the Backstage Pass program?

Backstage Pass is Strangeworks’ research and development community program that provides an opportunity for you to take part in shaping the quantum tools you need by test-driving pre-release features, functionality, and technologies from Strangeworks and our quantum syndicate and letting us know what you think.

What does participation look like?

With a Backstage Pass, you’ll have access to the latest quantum technologies, can try out the latest features, and preview the latest functionality. Once you have a Backstage Pass, tickets to various quantum syndicate member products and Strangeworks technologies will become available. As a Backstage Pass member, we’ll communicate to you when early access tickets become available so you’ll always know what’s new and what exciting features you’ll get to experience first. After you’ve had a chance to try each ticket, we’ll request your feedback either directly in the Strangeworks platform or via email. We may also like to follow up with a short discussion or set of questions when we’ve processed your initial feedback.

What kind of features can I expect in Backstage Pass?

We’re constantly working to improve the tools and experience provided in the Strangeworks ecosystem. Early features on the horizon include enhanced results and reporting, data exports, new tools integrations, and industry leading quantum hardware and simulator technologies. As a member of the Backstage Pass program, you will automatically be granted access to the ticket for the Strangeworks early access beta. Features and tools included in this beta program were developed by Strangeworks.

Who can participate?

Anyone can apply to participate, but we’re really looking for quantum researchers or quantum developers. Specifically, individuals and teams that could make the best use of the early access features and technologies available. The granting of a Backstage Pass will be determined by a discussion around your projects and how you’d like to use the Strangeworks platform to help with your research.

Do I need to be affiliated with a university to apply?

No! The backstage pass program is open to both researchers and quantum developers from universities, research organizations and industry alike.

How do I apply for the program?

Applying to the program is simple. Go to our Backstage Pass page, click “apply now” and complete the short questionnaire. Once you have applied, our team will review your submission and reach out for further discussion and additional acceptance criteria if required.

Can I invite collaborators to share my Backstage Pass?

Each Backstage Pass holder may apply for a Backstage Pass as an individual or as a team. After being accepted into the program you may apply to have additional people added to the program. They'll still need their own Strangeworks account.

What are tickets?

Backstage Pass tickets are unique programs offered to our backstage pass members that have been made available by Strangeworks or through our collaboration with our quantum syndicate members. Each ticket gives you access to different additional features and all we ask for in return is additional feedback on our platform and our partner’s offerings

What is the criteria for applying for tickets?

Each ticket will have its own criteria for applying, in many cases they will be open to all our Backstage Pass members, but in some cases our syndicate partners will be looking for researchers in a unique field or area of research. In each case, we will convey the type of groups they are looking for before you apply.

How long are tickets valid?

Each ticket has its own start and expiration date. Tickets will typically be made available in advance of the start date in order to find the right applicants for the programs. Once accepted into a program, access to the ticket features will be made available on the ticket start date and will remain available until the expiration date or until you have used up the associated value of the ticket.

How do I apply for tickets?

Applying for new tickets is easy, within the backstage pass program page simply select the ticket you wish to apply for and complete the ticket specific questionnaire. Once you have applied, our team will review your submission and may get back to you with additional questions via email as needed.

Can I reapply for the same ticket?

Some tickets will be made available on multiple occasions. When that happens feel free to apply for the new ticket. For any tickets that have monetary value you can reapply if you have already been granted access but you may not be granted more resources. Rules around monetary value and credit tickets are on a case by case basis, and further information will be provided during signup.

Are all tickets publicly available?

No. Some tickets are made available to our Backstage Pass holders on a private preview basis. In this case, we will send you a special invite to apply for the ticket if your area of research aligns with the ticket features or systems we are making available. The more that you are able to tell us during the application process, the easier it will be for us to select you for any private preview tickets as they become available.

I’ve used a few tickets and want to become a Strangeworks Enterprise customer. What are the next steps?

If you like the features and tickets you have been getting from the backstage pass program and are looking to inquire about using our Stangeworks Enterprise features, please contact and mention your existing participation in the program.

Why do you ask for feedback?

For each Backstage Pass ticket you apply for, we’ll have a specific feedback form asking about the details of your experience. The feedback you give about your experience helps us identify issues, create a more useful experience, and provides us with the opportunity to make the Strangworks platform a better quantum computing tool for you, your team, and the quantum industry as a whole

Will you share my feedback with anyone?

Any feedback on the Strangeworks platform itself will not be shared directly with anyone outside of the company. The feedback we collect on behalf of our quantum syndicate will be collated, anonymised and summarized before being shared with our partners. They, like us, want to make your experience as valuable as possible for you. Your shared feedback is necessary to make their services even better.

Can I talk about preview features to the public?

The Strangeworks Backstage Pass program is an exclusive program but not a private one! We encourage you to let everyone in the community know that you have been accepted into the program and that you are enjoying the experience.

How much does it cost?

It is free to apply to the Backstage Pass program and the individual tickets are typically free. On occasion, our quantum syndicate members may request that you pay for some features but this will be always on a ticket by ticket basis and you will know in advance if any part of a ticket is not free.

How do I become a syndicate member to make my resources available on Backstage Pass?

We are always looking for more syndicate members to add to our platform and would be happy to connect on partnering. Please fill out our online form here and we will get back to you shortly.

What do you do with my application information?

For Strangeworks feature tickets, your application data will not be shared externally. If you apply for any partner tickets, your application information may be shared with that specific partner. Some ticket applications are subject to partner approval.

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