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Pasqal is a quantum computing company that specializes in neutral atom quantum processors. The company was founded in 2019 and is based in Paris, France. Pasqal's quantum processors are based on neutral atoms, which are trapped and manipulated using lasers. The company aims to build large-scale quantum processors with high coherence times and low error rates.


Pasqal is available through the Azure Quantum provider. The following Pasqal backends are available through Azure Quantum:

Target nameTarget IDNumber of qubitsDescription
Emu-TNpasqal.sim.emu-tn100 qubits 1D and 2D networksSimulates the time-evolution of a quantum state using the Schrödinger equation corresponding to the actions that the lasers perform.
Fresnel1pasqal.qpu.fresnel100 qubitsPASQAL's neutral atoms quantum computer.

List subject to change. Browse for more information.


Pasqal is available through the Azure Quantum provider. For pricing information, please refer to the Azure Quantum Pricing page.